Melbourne Clinical Info Net

The Clinical Info Net is situated in Otway Rooms 1 and 2, Melbourne Conference and Exhibition Centre. The centre will be open from 8am to approx. 7pm each day of the conference. Only accredited media will be allowed access to the centre.

How to collect your accreditation

Upon completing the accreditation form and receiving notification of your accreditation, you can collect your accreditation pass from the Clinical Info Net Centre between 2pm and 5pm on Monday, 26 th April or during the centre’s hours outlined above.

Please note that media representatives arriving without prior accreditation will be required to register at the Clinical Info Net Centre immediately upon arrival. All unaccredited members of the media including film crew will be required to show photo identification upon registering. Please allow extra time for this process. Entry to the sessions and the media centre’s facilities will not be permissible until this process is completed.

It is therefore advisable that media register for accreditation before the conference commences.

The Clinical Info Net Centre comprises a Working Media room which includes:

working space for approx 20 journalists
ADSL high speed internet access
phone and fax lines
sound and audio feed from plenary sessions
lounge area with seating and refreshments
two interview booths with telephone connection

The Clinical Info Net also has a Media conference room where daily media conferences will be held. The first scheduled conference will be at approximately 10.45am each day with the keynote speakers from the plenary session.


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