The Treatment of Acne with Chinese Medicine

Acne is something that plagues all age groups across both sexes today. When the skin follicles get blocked by dirt as well as excess soil and sebum produced by the skin, a pimple erupts. Since the sebum is blocked there, it becomes a fertile ground for bacteria and yeast which makes a pimple go infectious. It is referred to as acne.

The characteristics of the acne are defined by its severity. If it has a white head, it implies that the secretions are trapped beneath the skin. If they break through the surface of the skin, then blackheads occur. However, if it gets filled with pus, it is referred to as cystic acne. All acne is extremely painful and uncomfortable and can leave marks on your face. This can mar your beauty as well as undermine your confidence. There are various over-the-counter production, creams, and lotions available in the market which claims to heal it. However, traditional Chinese medicine along with acupuncture can yield a super effective and long lasting healing to it.

Various methods of treatments are used either exclusively or in combination to treat acne. This includes acupuncture, herbal medicines for topical application as well as oral ingestion, change in diet as well as the introduction of exercise routines. Chinese medicine uses metaphors to describe the pathogens in the body. They see acne as the blockage of ‘heat’ in the lung and stomach meridians. Accumulation of excess heat in the body rises to the face. Excess heat is produced in the body when one eats too much of spicy, greasy, fried or sweet food. The yield dampness or undigested metabolites which son transform into heat. If the process continues for a long time, it gets converted into phlegm which causes stagnation of blood and generation of more heat.

Chinese medicine differentiates two types of acne. One is because of accumulation of heat in the lungs and stomach and the other because of stagnation of phlegm along with dampness and blood stagnation. The first type causes acne on the skin which is shiny and oily. These people would have a dry mouth, feel thirsty, probably constipated and would pass dark colored urine. The Chinese medicine uses heat treatment here. Herbs often used here for treatment include Phellodenbrium (Huang Bai), Tree peony root (mu dan pi), Scuttellaria (huang qin), etc.

Acne of the second type is dark red and often erupts in clusters. The sores are painful and long lasting. For treatment, the principle used is to activate the blood circulation. Mai herbs used here are the classic formula of Tao Hong Si Wu tang, Angelic root (dang gui), red peony (Chi Shao) and Peony root (bai shao).