Weight Loss Body Wraps: The Good, The Bad, And Everything In Between

Though the concept of body wraps has been around for as early as the 80s, the product has only recently gained popularity as the world is getting obsessed with weight loss and fitness. But due to all the confusion and rumors about the product out there, it’s time to put the misinformation to rest by taking a look at everything that body wraps for weight loss have to offer: the good, the bad, and everything in between:

The Good

Starting off, let’s take a look at what a slimming body wrap can do for you. It will definitely help you lose weight but there’s a catch (more on that later) and if you’re opting for a slimming body wrap session at a beauty salon, then there are lots of other things you can expect. Not only will there be normal treatment, but the use of aromatic scrubs before applying the body wrap and putting lotion on the skin after it makes the entire session a very enjoyable and comfortable one.

The Bad

Though body wraps aren’t bad per se, but there are quite a few companies that claim their body wraps to be the best thing which ultimately turns out to be false. However, for those who don’t have unrealistic expectations from a sheet of a specific material, there’s perhaps a few things that can be considered as ‘bad’ about body wraps. The most obvious thing is its cost. A beauty salon treatment can charge you anywhere between $100 to $220 per session so it goes without saying that it’s not something you should do too often. Secondly, since it’s water weight you’re losing and not actual fat, people who aren’t hydrated might face a few temporary side effects pertaining to dehydration such as a mild headache and fatigue.

Everything In Between

There isn’t much that can be considered neither good nor bad when it comes to slimming body wrap, but the one that matters is that the effect is temporary. After a session you’ll definitely feel lighter and those skinny jeans will now fit you but after one or two days this should go away. Does this mean it’s bad? No. After all, if you’re aiming to look good at the beach or during a special occasion, it’s definitely a temporary fix until your weight loss diet and exercise start to show their results, which is definitely a more permanent method of losing weight.