International Youth ACT on Health Issues

As part of Health2004: The 18th International Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education, young people from around the world will gather to Think Talk and ACT on issues affecting their health and wellbeing.

The conference provides the opportunity for delegates to confront difficult health issues ranging from HIV, drugs, and mental health not to mention nutrition and the sociology of health administration.

“Young people have great ideas, they have real concerns, they have enthusiasm, they view the world in new fresh ways and in fresh waves of thought. They want to contribute and they want to be listened to. They don’t want the past to be accepted without challenge, but they are anxious to learn from what has gone on before them.

It is up to us, the former young people, to respect, learn from, and listen to the voices of young people.”

Rob Moodie – Conference Co Chair

The Youth Stream of the Scientific Program Working Group in collaboration with the Youth Involvement and participation group have organised a number of symposia, papers, oral poster presentations and skills workshops in addition to the youth orientated abstract received from the larger field. We encourage young people to embrace this opportunity, demonstrating their enthusiasm.


The Youth Involvement and Participatory Working Group was set-up to facilitate meaningful participation of young people in the Health 2004: The 18th World Conference on Health Promotion and Health Education. Our aim is to ensure that young people get the opportunity to value diversity, reshape power and explore pathways for health and well being in 2004.

The working group is linked to other representative working groups and reports to the Conference Organising Committee. The working group is supported by a Consultative Group of young professionals and health educators and promoters from all over the world. The Consultative Group helps us to shape the agenda, develop ideas and build networks. We also form sub-groups to get projects done. Some of the things that the sub-groups have achieved so far include:

Identification of local and global issues affecting the health of young people and ensured abstract contributions under the 4 conference themes: empowerment & ethics; environment; education and; employment
Set-up of the Youth Governance and Participation Volunteer Project which aims to promote shared decision-making through matching Youth Delegates with Stream Leaders and access and participation via an on-line forum.
Sponsorship Project that encourages people to support young people’s attendance (i.e. registration fees and accommodation) and resourcing of special youth activities at the conference (i.e. Youth exhibition)
Development of these WebPages via a student Youth Website Project